Haintz Consulting Valuation Company

About us

Haintz Consulting Society provides business consultancy services.  Haintz Consulting specialises in business valuation, real estate valuation, property valuation, valuation of financial assets.

Our valuation reports comply to International Valuation Standards (IVS 2011) and Code of Ethics of the Profession of Appraiser, adopted by the National Association of Appraisers in Romania (ANEVAR) and Licensed Appraisers Union of Romania (ANEVAR in 2012 – UNEAR) .


We provide appraisal services for the following properties:

  • Real estate properties
  • Machinery, Plant and Equipment
  • Businesses and companies valuation
  • Valuation of financial assets

Our  appraisers

The Haintz Consulting Company team consists of expert appraisers and engineers, experienced specialists in economic and technical members of the following professional associations in Romania: National Association of Appraisers in Romania (ANEVAR) and Licensed Appraisers Union of Romania (ANEVAR in 2012 – UNEAR), CETR (Body OF Technical Experts in Romania), CECCAR (Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania), AIIR (Association of Installations Engineers in Romania), SRT (Romanian Society of Thermotechnicians).

Our valuation reports can be used to: guarantee bank loans, sale-purchase, mortgage, tax, financial reporting, mergers, liquidation, insurance, expropriation, immigration, setting the value of goods for customs purposes.


The company has efficient means of transport traveling in the area.

Property inspection will be carried out by an appraiser expert of the company, and, if needed, by a technical expert.

Energy Assessment, Energy Audit

Our MDRT (1st Grade) certified staff provides  engineering services for assessing and auditing the energy performance of buildings and structures.

For further details please refer to the section Energy Assessment & Energy Audit.

Our clients

The  beneficiaries of our services are as follows: banking and financial institutions, leasing companies, non-banking financial institutions, national and multinational companies, micro, state institutions, autonomous individuals, associations and foundations.